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Top 12 reasons to vote for WA INTERPRETERS

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Still haven’t cast a vote in the union election for L&I interpreters? Having a hard time making up your mind? Well, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled the top 12 reasons for our fellow L&I interpreters to choose WA INTERPRETERS.

  1. Independence. WA INTERPRETERS is the only independent union seeking to represent L&I interpreters. Unlike the other union, our bylaws ensure we won’t affiliate with or send your dues money to other organizations.

  2. Experience. As the only union completely controlled by actual L&I interpreters, we collectively have many years of experience in the industry and our sole purpose will be to fight for L&I interpreters.

  3. Accountability. WA INTERPRETERS members can control the direction of the union through election of union officers, bargaining teams, and even by directly amending the bylaws.

  4. Information. Though mechanisms like our wildly popular YouTube channel, no other union has worked as tirelessly to provide L&I interpreters with accurate, useful information about industry developments and the union election process.

  5. Optional membership with no gimmicks. Under WA INTERPRETERS’ bylaws, interpreters can join or cancel their membership at any time. However, our competition requires you to keep paying dues for up to a year after you cancel.

  6. Lower dues. WA INTERPRETERS’ dues are set by our bylaws at 1% of what you’re paid by L&I—33% lower than the dues rate charged by our competition. Unlike the other union, we won’t owe anything to other unions since we’re independent and unaffiliated.

  7. No dues for politics. WA INTERPRETERS will only make political contributions with funds members contribute specifically for that purpose. Unlike our competition, our bylaws don’t permit general dues to be given to political candidates.

  8. Membership is actually open to L&I interpreters. This one seems pretty basic, but our competition’s bylaws only allow DSHS interpreters to be members, so it seemed worth mentioning.

  9. We started the union election process. In November 2020, WA INTERPRETERS filed the first petition with the State of Washington seeking certification to represent L&I interpreters.

  10. We’ve consistently fought to move forward with a union election. The other union, however, tried to prevent L&I interpreters from getting to vote on union representation and, when that failed, filed a baseless complaint that was ultimately dismissed. Their shenanigans delayed the election by six months.

  11. We’re actually qualified. As we’ve previously explained, our competition likely can’t be legally certified to represent L&I interpreters, so why bother voting for them?

  12. We’re fighting for the right to negotiate over scheduling. L&I has adopted the position that, even once a union is formed, interpreters won’t be able to bargain over the scheduling and distribution of appointments. While the other union sided with the state, WA INTERPRETERS has taken L&I to court to fight for our right to have a say over this critical issue.

We know, we know. There are a lot more than 12 reasons to vote for WA INTERPRETERS, but we had to stop somewhere.

Still not convinced? Contact us with your questions at 206-385-3287 or

Ready to vote? Make sure to cast your ballot before 9 a.m. on April 20. We have all the details you need: “Time to vote! What you need to know.

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