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Far from over: Election objections filed

After the end of the third union election for L&I interpreters, WA INTERPRETERS recently filed objections with the Public Employment Relations Commission (PERC) challenging conduct by WFSE which improperly tainted the election results yet again.

Remember, we previously filed objections after the second election based on WFSE’s many deceptive claims, which PERC determined were bad enough to justify holding a new election.

Unfortunately, WFSE continued to distribute some of the exact same material during the third election that PERC determined was deceptive enough to invalidate the second election.

Furthermore, this time several interpreters came forward to accuse WFSE of using their names and picture in its campaign materials without their permission.

We also continue to believe that WFSE cannot be certified to represent L&I interpreters because it doesn’t represent employees, as state law requires, but instead serves only local AFSCME affiliates like Local 1671. We also pointed out again how L&I interpreters aren’t eligible for membership in Interpreters United/Local 1671 because its bylaws only permit DSHS interpreters to join.

By contrast, both WFSE and L&I have already agreed that WA INTERPRETERS is an appropriate bargaining representative legally eligible to represent L&I interpreters.

Now that our brief has been submitted, WFSE will file a response next week, after which PERC will issue a decision in the following weeks/months. Depending on how PERC rules, there may be another election or additional litigation.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to work our hardest to protect and assist interpreters wherever possible, such as continuing our lawsuit against L&I for illegally changing our working conditions by launching the interpretingWorks scheduling system while we were trying to form our union.

L&I interpreters deserve a union that wins fairly and can actually represent them legally. WA INTERPRETERS will continue fighting to make sure that happens.

Read our election objections brief here:

133171-E-20 – 3rd election - WA INTERPRETERS objections appeal brief
Download PDF • 522KB

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