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Has WFSE’s executive director, Leanne Kunze, been fired?

With a runoff election coming up on August 15, L&I interpreters deserve answers.

  • Why was Kunze fired?

  • Who is running WFSE now?

  • Who will the next executive director be?

  • Why hasn’t WFSE announced or explained Kunze’s firing? What are they hiding?

The WFSE executive director is in charge of making most important decisions, and many staff members have reportedly been very concerned about this, many wondering how they are going to get paid, and what's going to happen to the union dues from their members from now on.

L&I interpreters deserve better.

WA INTERPRETERS has always striven to bring you accurate, timely information about important developments in the L&I world, and we’ll continue to do that, and much more, when we officially become certified to represent L&I interpreters.

Vote for WA INTERPRETERS in the runoff election and let us show you what we can do together!

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