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3rd election wrap-up: What comes next and how YOU can help!

Updated: May 4, 2023

The Public Employment Relations Commission (PERC) announced the results of the third L&I interpreter election yesterday. We want to thank all our supporters for believing in us, and each and every one of you who has participated in this process by getting informed and voting.

While the results didn’t favor us this time, we have a LOT TO SAY and MANY questions about this process. We want you to know that THIS IS NOT OVER, not by a long shot.

As we’ve previously explained, we do not believe WFSE or Interpreters United are eligible to represent L&I interpreters, and we plan to make our case to PERC and, if necessary, in court.

Further, we have again heard many disturbing reports from interpreters of improper conduct by WFSE during the election, but we need your help to document their shenanigans.

Please contact us immediately if either of these situations apply to you:

  • WFSE used your name and/or photo on its “vote yes petition” without your permission. As we exposed in our video earlier this week, interpreters like Luis Alonso Sanchez are already coming forward.

  • You were directed or pressured by WFSE staff, representatives, or organizers to vote for them, especially if they were present when you cast your vote.

Lastly, many interpreters have contacted us to express skepticism about the accuracy of the election results. Unfortunately, the only way for us to independently confirm the accuracy of the electronic/telephonic election is to ask interpreters how they voted.

To be clear, how or whether you voted in the election is entirely your business; it’s called a secret-ballot election for a reason. But, if you voted for WA INTERPRETERS in the most recent election and want to voluntarily let us know that you supported us, we’ll tally up the numbers and see how they compare against the votes Intellivote recorded for WA INTERPRETERS.

We only have a week to prepare our objections to the election, so if any of the above apply to you, please let us know ASAP.


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