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Our Mission

WA INTERPRETERS, is a labor union created out of a genuine desire to fairly represent all interpreters. By defending our bargaining rights for fair working conditions, and with your support, we hope to become the union that looks out for your best interest. Making sure we have the best team of interpreters in our bargaining team, we endeavor to truly bargain on your behalf and achieve the best results. Our top priority will be to improve upon what we already have, negotiating for steady pay raises, implementing benefits, and

protecting our mileage reimbursement.

Join US!

Help us form a union by signing the card below and returning it by email.

As L&I interpreters we now have the right to create our own union, once we win the vote to form our union, L&I will be required by law to negotiate with us! 


Just follow these simple steps: 

1- Please click on the card below to download it. 


2- Print, fill it out, and sign it. Don't forget to check the L&I option, and choose yes for the appointment question accordingly.


3- Scan or take a photo of the card, then please EMAIL it to us to:



You can also mail us your signed card to:

P.O. Box 584

Auburn. WA 98071


Questions about the card?

Please contact Juan Medina Bloise


Our main goals as a union

To win representation for L&I interpreters and protect our rights as independent contractors.

To keep our ability to contract directly without any unwanted middlemen, protecting our current pay rate of $52.20 per interpretation hour, to keep on getting bi-weekly payments through direct deposit and to secure our mileage reimbursement.

To make sure that our role as independent interpreters won’t be limited to just emergency and urgent care appointments. Since L&I has decided to implement a scheduling system, we propose a dual system where as independent interpreters, we can keep working without restrictions.

To keep our same pay rate when covering block-time appointments such as work conditioning, work hardening, pain management programs and more. Interpreters covering block-time appointments for DSHS/DCYF get paid a minimum of $31.00 dollars per hour. As independent L&I interpreters, we need to keep our current pay rate of $52.20 per hour for these appointments.

To get paid for no-shows and cancellations. To implement health benefits. To negotiate and lift the 8 hour a day limit on billing. 


To enact legislation that would protect us from L&I recoupment policies. 

To offer a wide variety of free workshops that will help interpreters satisfy their continuing education requirements while promoting more professional development resources.

Interpreter Resources

NOTIS Calendar of Events

DSHS Testing and Certification

L&I Spanish Glossary

DSHS Continuing Education Requirements

L&I Interpreter Bills

SB6245 Bill

Effective Date: June 7, 2018

House Bill 2691

Currently in Session

Substitute Senate Bill 6207

Currently in Session

Board of Directors

Who We Are/Interim Positions

Juan Medina Bloise


DSHS Certified Medical & Social Services Interpreter

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P.O. Box 584

Auburn, WA 98071


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